President of Macron visit gevandaliseerde Arc de Triomphe

The French president Emmanuel Macron took a visit to the Arc de Triomph, which yesterday was part of the scene at the protests of the ‘yellow vests’. Meanwhile, close Interior minister Christophe Castaner’t matter that the state of emergency is proclaimed.

There were, according to the police, 412 people were arrested, of which 380 were detained after the riots Saturday night in Paris. There were also 133 wounded, of which 23 agents, and one seriously injured in danger. There were also 187 burn be extinguished and there were six buildings to be stormed. The damage around the Arc de Triomphe is huge. Premier Edouard Philippe said on television that there were ” professional rioters’ were at work. The destruction of the Arc de Triomphe comes with a lot of French people wrong about, because it is a monument with a large symbolic value.

Macron was on Saturday at the G20 summit in Argentina, but had to know ” violence never will accept it’. The president visited Sunday the Arc de Triomphe, and is then, together with his prime minister, the minister of Internal Affairs and the security services to discuss the situation. The politievakbonden want the state of emergency is declared, a possible Castaner does not exclude.

Under that state of emergency to get the police, the mayor and the minister of Internal Affairs more power to keep order. The curfew can be set, and searches will be possible without the permission of a judge.


The yellow vests out on the street against the high fuel prices. Meanwhile the protest movement has grown, and mixing often rioters among the demonstrators. Also in Belgiëliep the protests are not always peaceful. There were Friday, two patrol cars set on fire and more than 80 people arrested.

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