Pieter Kuijpers regains young dogs-feeling

Kuijpers received the offer for the director of Toneelgroep Maastricht, where he was already a few years in the areas of collaborating. “I thought it was an exciting idea,” he says. “I wanted to play it, however, to approach it as a film. And it had to be a thriller, the genre that I greatly love, and that you rarely see in the Dutch theatre.”

Black Water is also inspired on the Gang of Venlo, a group of criminal young people who in the nineties was responsible for burglaries, robberies and murders in the province of Limburg. “That we have used for a piece in which the young people come together after one of them has talked with the police. The conversation derails quickly, and as an audience you sit there in the middle. The violence unfolds in front of your nose.” Kuijpers hired the stunt team of The Beukelaer, that almost all the stunts in Dutch films and series provides. “That have all the combat thought of and help run. That seemed to me the only way to the way in which the encounter derails good and believable in the picture.”

More on the background

The relatively short what was the director afterwards. “We had six weeks to rehearse; I thought that seas of time. But that was seriously against. Because in that six weeks, you really need everything do: rehearsing, editing, effects provide, the control music.” The making of a piece is in that respect much more intense than making a movie, he noticed. “It’s sad really that we are with a group of young dogs from the theatre School in Maastricht worked. In regards to that, I experienced the same thing, young dogs feel as Of God release, fifteen years ago. That same feeling of: everything is possible, because we have something huge tofs.”

Kuijpers, during the past year fifty. He operated the last few years, with his production company Pupkin, a lot more in the background than before. “I think it’s good if you are at a given time, more space for a young generation of makers and directors. That your knowledge to those transfers and this group facilitates to do what they want to do. I don’t have for my feeling also is not more to prove; that it actually brings a huge sense of freedom.” The directing of movies and series missing the Limburger, not really. “I am convinced that sooner or later will surely have chances on that plane to come.”

Black Water is on view till the 30th of december. Cards are on sale at Toneelgroep Maastricht.

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