Philip Freriks ’radio-dismissal’: It was a slap in my face

“I did this really as a slap in my face”, nods to the old-journaallezer. “I am also my stuff packed and am angry with the studio too. In the spring the broadcaster and I already do discussion had or I’m not with my radiocolumn had to stop, but I saw that as an announcement for a follow-up. The editor-in-chief of OVT is, however, never came back. Until this morning so. For me, this was totally unexpected.”

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The editors of OVT, among whom were tv presenter Laura Stek, is severely with the incident in her stomach. His mention in a comment Philip Freriks, a highly regarded columnist. “As the listener is able to hear, we lived in the assumption that this is his last column. That is based on a serious miscommunication for which we are responsible. We offer Philip Freriks there, our sincere apologies.”

Also the VPRO-editors-in-chief has already done. “Because let us be very clear: the editors of OVT and the VPRO wants nothing more than Philip Freriks retained as a columnist. Philip Freriks like no other the large and small historical events in his columns unite and the history to return to the human scale.”

Freriks is happy with the excuses. But the stocking is, for him, is not finished. “It is clearly a big misunderstanding. But we must still be real with each other finish. I hope that my column immediately stopped. You may get my contribution is still a sequel. That remains to be determined. If my column is unexpectedly no longer continue, I would prefer that we as mature people can go.”

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