Other CELEBRITIES in shock by the death of Dave Mantle (37)

Stylist Maik de Boer writes full of regret: “too young and Too early,” and then he adds: “I cherish the sweet moments and beautiful conversations we had. You sent me always selfiekusjes if I get through sat. Now, I will send you a last kiss and comfort me with the thought that, after this life more beautiful, otherwise, I understand, sincerely, is not that you are taken from us, pretty man.’

“What an incredible news. Much too young. Thank you dear Dave for the awesome time at GTST’, twittert old GTST-colleague Cynthia Abma.

Carolina Dijkhuizen, one of the colleagues with whom Dave, among others, sparkled in the musical The Bodyguard, responds aghast: “Dear sweet Dave, why beep you so quietly away? We are in shock and this news is just not contain!”

At the Instagrambericht placed by the survivors, there are also a lot of shocked reactions to reading, including that of tv presenter Kim-Lian van der Meij and Chantal Janzen. “No words,” writes Kim-Lian, while Chantal all the relative strength wish.

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