Orange in anticipation of draw in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification

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Orange in anticipation of draw in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification

02 december 2018 11:15
02-12-18 11:15


Orange Sunday from 12.00 pm the opponents in the qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. Thanks to the good performance in the Nations League is the Dutch national team group head. Follow the draw in Dublin here live.

Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Orange is as group winners in division A is already sure of a place in the play-offs, as the team of coach Ronald Koeman is not via the regular qualification know. If more than eight of the twelve countries in division A through the EUROPEAN qualification places and the play-offs completed with countries from the lower divisions.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

The best two countries from each kwalificatiepoule qualify directly for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. Twenty countries are, therefore, in november 2019 sure EK-participation. The last four start proofs are divided into the play-offs in march 2020 to be played. Play the best four countries from each division in the Nations League that is not using the EK-qualification have been placed against each other.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Performance dates european CHAMPIONSHIP qualification:

  • First round: 21-23 march 2019
  • Second round: 24-26 march 2019
  • Third round: 7-8 June 2019 *
  • Fourth round 10-11 June 2019 *
  • Fifth round: 5-7 september 2019
  • Six matchday: 8-10 september 2019
  • Seven round: 10-12 October 2019
  • Eighth round: 13-15 October 2019
  • Ninth round: 14-16 november 2019
  • Tenth round: 17-19 march

* = Orange comes during the third and fourth round, not in action, because it will be in the Final Four of the Nations League play.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Also wants UEFA to prevent countries far distant to travel for away games. Azerbaijan will therefore be a maximum of one of these opponents, lots: Gibraltar, Iceland, and Portugal. The same goes for Iceland, that of the next four opponents up to one find: Armenia, Cyprus, Georgia and Israel. Kazakhstan, in turn, plays against a maximum of one of these teams: Andorra, England, France, Faroe islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

In addition to the bond, a maximum of two countries where “extreme winter weather” may prevail in one group. This is because these countries in november may not have a home to organise. With more than two ‘extreme winter weather-countries” in one group may schedule not around to be made. It comes to Iceland, Faroe islands, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, belarus, Russia and Ukraine.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Due to political tensions between some countries want UEFA not to say that these play against each other. They will be in the draw to be separated. It comes to Gibraltar and Spain, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo and Serbia. The UEFA wants to for the same reason Armenia and Azerbaijan and Russia and Ukraine are not together in the group, but because these countries are in the same pot, this is already impossible.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Co-organizers european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020:

  • Pot 1: Netherlands, England, Italy, Spain
  • Pot 2: Germany, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine
  • Pot 3: Ireland
  • Pot 4: Hungary, Romania
  • Pot 5: Azerbaijan

Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

The european CHAMPIONSHIP of 2020 will be played in twenty different host cities, including Amsterdam. In the Johan Cruijff ArenA, three matches from group C and a quarter-final played. The other matches in group C will be in the Romanian capital Bucharest to be finished. The UEFA wants all twelve countries that the EC co-organise the opportunity to qualify, and therefore there will be no more than two of which host countries are in one qualifying group to be classified.Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Potindeling EK-qualification:

  • Pot 1: Netherlands, Portugal, England, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Croatia and Poland.
  • Pot 2: Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Wales, Russia and the Czech republic.
  • Pot 3: Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria and Israel.
  • Pot 4: Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Georgia.
  • Pot 5: Macedonia, Kosovo, belarus, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar and Faroe islands.
  • Pot 6: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta and San Marino.

Draw EK-qualification · 2 hours ago

Orange, the uk, Portugal and Switzerland play in June in the ‘Final Four’ of the Nations League, which, incidentally, is separate from the EK-qualification. To make room for the extra matches, these countries will in a pool with five countries are classified. Orange find, therefore, no opponent from the weakest pot six, in which Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta and San Marino sit.Draw EK-qualification · 3 hours ago

All of the 55 countries of the UEFA when the draw about ten groups divided. The best ten countries in division A of the Nations League – including Orange – will be as group head classified. Orange cannot avoid, therefore, strong countries, as world champion of France, European champion in Portugal, FIFA-ranglijstaanvoerder Belgium, Spain and England. These countries, like the Netherlands, all the group head.Draw EK-qualification · 3 hours ago

Potindeling draw with Orange as group head
Orange comes this afternoon at 12.00 the opponents in the qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. Thanks to the good performance in the Nations League is the Dutch national team group head at the draw in Dublin, who by all sorts of restrictions can be quite complex is likely to be.Back to top

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