New duet Bart Anneessens

New duet Bart Anneessens

“I feel super” is the new mega-blast of Bart Anneessens Cops for this excellent production in the sea went down with singer-streekgenoot Andy Swingstar.

Already at the first listening of this superproductie everyone is right with this handsome sing-along and an extension of what Bart has in recent years already had heard, namely unadulterated sing with a high schlagergehalte.
Bart Anneessens brought in the past two years, singles out on the conveyor belt, some in a solo version and other songs in duet with other famous artists. It gave him a lot of national hitparadenoteringen, t.v.-performances and a mass of interest, to say nothing of the many performances where he ambiancemaker is very popular.

It differed not much or he was during the last municipal elections the mayor of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. The election gave him a seat in the city council and that for the first time that he is candidate. Bart is meanwhile known all over Flanders and also have the chance at a victory party Provinciebelangen with the national elections next year.
This new single is being issued by D & V and is available as download and streaming on all major internet portals.

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