Manufacturer: premiere Addams Family successful

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André van Duin at the premiere of The Addams family in the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam.

“Two years ago the idea to, after a number of years of successful foreign productions to the Netherlands to have met, a whole new, own production to the Dutch theaters,” says Muller of TEC Entertainment about the history of The Addams Family.

Joop and Janine van den Ende.

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Although the story of the ’griezelfamilie’ all years old, the musical, according to the manufacturer are still valid. “In a society that is increasingly diverse seems to be is The Addams Family is an excellent example of how we each other’s differences not only accept, but even embrace it.”

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Richard Groenendijk

The Addams Family, with Pia Douwes, Johnny Kraaijkamp, Tony Neef and Marjolein Teepen in the lead roles, until the end of march to be seen in various Dutch theatres.

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