Makes Ish Ait Hamou soon to be a movie?

Ish has a short film created, soon to on One to see. but the ambition for a full-fledged feature film continues to grow. “I know even though of which that will go,” he says in The Standard. “I’ve always been a movie want to make. Like most of my generation, I grew up with television and movies. As a child I knew already that I later stories would tell, in any form whatsoever. Also, if I am writing books, I thought all in images. I am not from the literary world. Books were never part of my childhood. I was and I am still not a big reader. I read a lot prefer non-fiction than fiction, even though that’s what I write. I come from the performing arts, where you already visual thinking. As I write, expressed I what I in my head see.”

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