Mahi leads FC Groningen along NAC

3a6b460de9be5dae171bfe0f81e13c1a - Mahi leads FC Groningen along NAC

Mimoun Mahi cries out after he FC Groningen 1-0.

The team of trainer Danny Buijs defeated, on the basis of luminary Mimoun Mahi, the Brabanders in a doelpuntrijke contest with 5-2.

The home team had a good start against NAC. After a beautiful long pass of Ritsu Doan lap Mimoun Mahi the ball in once from the air, through the pole, behind NAC goalkeeper Benjamin van Leer. The home team could only briefly enjoy the advantage. Mikhail Rosheuvel took in the sixteenth minute of the second half for his account.

Padt again in the error

After an error from goalkeeper Sergio Padt was Mitchell to Peace NAC in the 56th minute on lead. The first victory outside the city of Breda there was, however, not in. Groningen scored no less than four times. Doan made almost immediately after the goal of Peace are equal: 2-2. On indicate of Mahi put Deyovaisio Zeefuik Groningen a quarter of an hour for time on the lead. Mahi itself was made in the 85th minute of the 4-2 and got Buijs a publiekswissel. Samir Memisevic led to the 5-2.

Groningen increased the lead at the NAC to five points, but continues to sixteenth. Behind PEC Zwolle and FC Emmen is one point. NAC has now only number 17 in The County in the visor.

The Doetinchemmers gathered so far, two points more.

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