Macron asks premier to yellow bibs to receive

The day after that the yellow vests a trail of destruction through Paris withdrew, the French president Emmanuel Macron his safety stop convened for an emergency session in the Elysée. Tentative state of emergency is not declared, or has the president to prime minister Édourd Philippe asked to the political parties and a delegation of the yellow vests to receive.

This morning brought the French president Emmanuel Macron, hastily returned from the G20 summit in Argentina, a visit to the gevandaliseerde Arc de Triomphe. Yesterday escalated the protest by the yellow shirts in Paris, in a total of 412 persons were interviewed, 378 of them were held. There were 133 people injured, including 23 police officers. Also elsewhere in France are some of the actions out of hand.

Macron held afterwards crisisberaad in the Elysée with prime minister Édouard Philippe, minister of Home Affairs Christophe Castaner, minister of Environment François de Rugy, the Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo, and the safety stop. ‘The situation is not good to talk. There are certain measures we can take to prevent this again from happening, ” says government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux at the start of the emergency session.

It is about a ” reply to look at a movement that to every control seems to escape’, says the. Macron said Saturday night from Argentina that he ” never violence, will accept’. He refuses the manifestation of the yellow vests to be seen as a ‘manifestation of legitimate control.

However, he wants the dialogue to keep it open, as it appeared afterwards. Macron has his prime minister in fact asked to establish contact with the political leaders of each party represented in the parliament and with the representatives of the protesters. Also, the minister of the Interior take the lead on a thorough ‘review’ to safety in the near future. Greater police involvement must be better able to act against ‘gewelddadigere, more mobile, better-organized rioters’. The actions of the yellow shirts are still not at an end: today – Sunday – flakkerden the protests here and there.


It therefore appears that the state of emergency cannot be immediately named, speculation in the French media. There seemed to be talk of. The state of emergency was in France earlier of force: after the attacks in Paris on 13 november 2015, he was named, only two years later – on October 31, 2017 – discontinued the then newly elected Macron the exceptional situation.

The yellow bibs manifest for some time in various European cities. It is a non-organized citizens ‘ movement that the high fuel prices and rapidly falling purchasing power, and wants to sue. Also in Brussels, held Friday a demonstration, this was a combi on fire. Also in Brussels, dozens of people held, with few exceptions, they were later all released.

The yellow bibs manifest for a week or two in different European cities. It is a non-organized citizens ‘ movement that the high fuel prices and rapidly falling purchasing power, and wants to sue.

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