Kris Kross Amsterdam gives lat ’very high’

“Sometimes people say: you must really enjoy, because you don’t know how long it takes. I think: we are yet but just music. There are a lot of beautiful things to come.” Jordy, his brother Sander and Yuki Kempees “set the bar very high.” “There are a lot of bold numbers on the shelf, we go for the highest.”

That is for the dj trio from Amsterdam with a successful international career with her own songs. “We are, of course, a dj-act and started with plates of others run,” says Yuki. “Now we have to produce they are hit and there are also quite successful at it, it becomes more and more a aim a whole show of ourselves to fill with our own music. Then you are only really an ultimate artist.”

Wish list

Although the trio to worldwide fame, should be the first great show full of music take place in the city that the men in their name. “In the Amsterdam ArenA”, to fantasize Yuki, to the delight of his colleagues. “And then sold out three times, just like Marco Borsato in De Kuip”, is Sander. “Or like Soldier of Orange, just by and by.”

The trio has not only in concert halls concerns a wish list, also artists they want to work together call them easily. “Our cooperation with Cheat Codes is a friendly, that was actually our first intercontinental collaboration,” says Yuki about the hit SEX. “We do have a list, a few dreams. Pharrell, for example, or Justin Timberlake. But that are big names.”

Hard news

On the latest single, Vámonos, is the American singer Ally Brooke to hear. “They stood not on our list,” Yuki. “But it is easy and that is a very nice collaboration.” Vámonos, which was released late november, is the first solosingle of the Fifth Harmony singer which eagerly was awaited. In just over a week’s time, the number is over a million times, streamed.

While Kris Kross Amsterdam was busy with the new number, got Jordy and Sander hard news to process. Their father Wietse died suddenly. “It was in the middle of ADE, a greater contrast can hardly,” says Sander. “We had the day after a gig, where we had really no pull in. And the next week a halloween party, that’s just cru. But after two, three weeks we could again.”


The brothers soon after their father farewell again started, is because Kris Kross Amsterdam doesn’t feel like work. “If we have a very boring job had, we were a little bit less quickly back to work”, think Jordy. “But because music is such a passion and such beauty, we could also our emotions in the process. We also have with music to say goodbye to our father.”

“During the farewell we have for him occurred,” says Sander. “Really, with a dj booth next to the crate. That was very nice.” The numbers that the men during the service run, including an acoustic version of Whenever, remain private. “But you can change your emotions in your music”, says Jordy. “So maybe we come with a beautiful ballad as a dj group. That would be nice, then we will call him ’daddy’.”

Father Huisman would not otherwise willingly have than that Jordy and Sander the thread again quickly oppikten. “If you are only at home to think, you won’t be happy. Our father wanted us happy, and that is this way”, says Jordy. “He had nothing more willingly than that we continue. He enjoyed to the fullest, loved the Top 40 in the holes, that sort of thing you miss,” says Sander. Also Jordy misses his father every day. “Last night, I wanted him still appen, but that can not, he is not there anymore. It really is a major loss.”

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