Koeman in see Germany: ’Oh, no’

Ronald Koeman in Dublin

But he was pleased with the result of the draw in Dublin,where the Dutch team was also linked to Northern Ireland, Estonia and belarus.

“I thought for a moment: ‘Oh, no'”, he said for the camera of FOX Sports. “But it is also a great draw. The best two teams go to the CHAMPIONSHIP. We are at our booth be obliged to place us. We are going to prepare well and have to wait and see what the schedule is. That we hear later today,” continued Koeman against the NIS.

Orange was the group head during the draw, with thanks to the good results in the Nations League. “Germany was the strongest team in pot 2,” said Koeman. “But then we get Northern Ireland out of pot 3. Da had also, for example, Serbia. I am ultimately satisfied. I can’t be unhappy because of Germany. That is only one opponent.”

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