French premier goes to speak with ’yellow vests’

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PARIS – The French prime minister Edouard Philippe with representatives of the ’yellow shirts’protesters and the leaders of political group from the parliament to start talking. President Emmanuel Macron has the prime minister who commissioned in response to the large-scale riots in Paris and other French cities.

French prime minister Edouard Philippe.

Macron and some ministers argued Sunday crisisoverleg, after protests against the high cost of fuel and maintenance Saturday had degenerated into chaos and violence. French media have speculated in advance about the possibility that Macron the state of emergency would be announced, but it is so not the case. Minister of Home Affairs Christophe Castaner need measures to change the order in the sequel to maintain.

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In Paris alone, were during the riots, 133 people injured, including 23 police officers. Over four hundred people were arrested for participation in the riots. Cars were set on fire, windows of bank branches smashed. The famous Arc de Triomphe was plastered with slogans and the inside of the triumphal arch were destruction caused.

“The people responsible for the violence want chaos”, replied Macron. “I will violence never accept it.”

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