France is considering a state of emergency after violent riots ’yellow vests’

PARIS – The French government is considering a temporary introduction of a state of emergency for new violent protests by ‘yellow shirts’ to prevent. The French president Emmanuel Macron will confer Sunday with his prime minister and minister of Home Affairs about the ongoing riots. They want more to look at how a dialogue can be started with the protest movement yellow vests, who are not real leaders.

“We need to think about measures that we can take to prevent these incidents repeat themselves,” said a government spokesman at radio station Europe 1. The declaration of the state of emergency is considered.

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Violent protests

The French capital, was Saturday the scene of violent protests. Demonstrators threw barricades and bekogelden the police. Who fired tear gas. In the whole of France were about 75,000 protesters on the streets to demonstrate against the government.

Protesters clashed a week ago with the police in Paris.

The French police has 412 people arrested because of the riots in Paris. Also were there, according to French media at least 133 people wounded, among whom 23 agents. That there are significantly more than previously disclosed.

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