FC Groningen leads in degradatiekraker against NAC Breda

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FC Groningen leads in degradatiekraker against NAC Breda

02 december 2018 11:50
02-12-18 11:50
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With Ajax-ADO Den Haag (5-1), Feyenoord-PSV (2-1), Heracles Almelo-VVV-Venlo (4-1) and FC Groningen-NAC Breda (16.45) are there Sunday four duels in the Premier league on the programme. Follow it on the foot in our liveblog.

16.45 pm:
FC Groningen-NAC Breda (1-0)

Ajax-ADO Den Haag 5-1
Heracles Almelo-VVV-Venlo 4-1
Feyenoord-PSV 2-1
Feyenoord-PSV · a few seconds ago

Van Bronckhorst: ‘the Aim to hole to make it smaller’
Feyenoord has the 2-1 victory at PSV and sene back to life ingblazen, to the satisfaction of trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst. “That was our command: this contest and to win the hole to make it smaller,” says the coach of the Locals. The disadvantage of Feyenoord at PSV is now ten points and can Thursday, as the inhaalwedstrijd against VVV-Venlo on the program, to be further reduced. “If we Thursday to win the hole by seven points. That is a bridge that’s still possible.”FC Groningen-NAC Breda · 6 minutes ago7′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 1-0

FC Groningen is on a fabulous way to lead in own house. Ritsu Doan sends a laser beam of a pass, that by Mimoun Mahi expertly through the pole in the far corner gevolleerd. The home team takes soon the lead.FC Groningen-NAC Breda · 9 minutes ago

In the Hitachi Capital Mobility Stadium, kick off for the final match of the fourteenth round. FC Groningen and NAC Breda take it in a pure degradatieduel against each other. As the Brabanders today win, they are the last place to The County and rockers, they’re also Groningen.Feyenoord-PSV · 18 minutes geledenSteven Bergwijn is just like The Young depressed. “We have this defeat ourselves to blame,” said the attacker of PSV at FOX Sports. “Feyenoord won every time the duels and therefore we did not have time to play football. That is the biggest reason for this defeat.”Feyenoord-PSV · 19 minutes ago

The players of PSV dripping disappointed in The Cockpit. After thirteen competitiezeges in a row from the start to know the Locals again how a defeat in the Premier league feels.Premier league · 20 minutes geledenDit is now the stand to the top of the Premier league:

1. PSV 14-39 (+40)
2. Ajax 14-37 (+39)
3. Feyenoord 13-29 (+11)Feyenoord-PSV · 27 minutes ago

Luuk de Jong is evident in his first reaction after the lost topper (2-1). The striker believes that PSV too late came in The Cockpit. “We were all a bit done and lost in the first half of ourselves”, says The Young against FOX Sports. “A dikverdiende victory of Feyenoord, I don’t want to call it. We were given opportunities on the 2-2, but we can blame that we not start our own game to play.”Feyenoord-PSV · 34 minutes ago

Feyenoord delivers PSV first defeat
PSV is unbeaten sequence in the Premier league lost. Feyenoord is in their own Cockpit with 2-1 too strong for the leader from Eindhoven. Through Jörgensen and Larsson come to the End at 2-0. The still in strong position of Bergwijn is just for the statistics. By the loss of PSV is the hole with Ajax now three points and follows the Team on ten points (with one game to go).Feyenoord-PSV · 36 minutes agoPast! Feyenoord win at home with 2-1 by PSV.Feyenoord-PSV · 36 minutes geleden90+4′ the last minute of The extra time it runs. There will still be opportunities?Feyenoord-PSV · 37 minutes geleden90+3′ The penultimate minute, but the game is still. There will still be something to recover.Heracles-VVV · 38 minutes ago

90+2′ Last in Almelo! Heracles wins with 4-1 VVV and rises to the fourth place in the Premier league. The Venlonaren see themselves on the seventh place with nineteen points.Feyenoord-PSV · 38 minutes geleden90+2 ” The time is ticking further and further away. Can PSV to equalize?Feyenoord-PSV · 40 minutes geleden90′ There are still four minutes!Ajax-ADO Den Haag · 40 minutes ago

Surprised Sinkgraven delighted with comeback
Daley Sinkgraven makes to his own surprise, after over a year of injuries his comeback at Ajax. “I actually had not expected that I would be, so it was a nice moment when I the news was. I was also immediately congratulated by team-mate,” said the 23-year-old lefty after the simple victory at ADO Den Haag (5-1) against FOX Sports. “I’m happy that I’m back what minute I may make. I have missed to enjoy football and the reception of the audience was also wonderful.”Heracles-VVV · 41 minutes geleden87′ Again escaped TOURIST office on the fifth tegendoelpunt in Almelo, the netherlands. This time it grabs Unnerstall excellent in after a bet of Joey King.Feyenoord-PSV · 41 minutes geleden89′ Times combines with Bergwijn is a good chance, but the substitute shoots then wild about.Feyenoord-PSV · 42 minutes geleden88 ” The time is running out for PSV. Feyenoord is limited to defending the lead.Feyenoord-PSV · 44 minutes geleden86′ Schwaab can heads after a free-kick from Lozano. The commitment of the defender flies over.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden84′ Times by inattentive Feyenoord, but the attacker shoots in a promising position.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden82′ PSV wins a free kick on a dangerous place, but the variant fails. Angeliño shoot meters.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour ago

12 – @PSV’s Steven Bergwijn scored or assisted 12 goals in his last 10 Premier league games (5 goals, 7 assists). Essential.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:08 – 2 december 2018Heracles-VVV · one hour geleden77′ Almost another 5-1 for the home team. Dalmau, creator of the 1-0, sees his shot on the intersection curve.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour ago

The hit of Steven Bergwijn brings the tension in The Cockpit in full. PSV still has a small quarter to a defeat and the first loss of points from the season – to avoid.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden77′ Berghuis intercepted the ball and turns quickly to. Toornstra shoot finally over, but there were some other players free.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geledenTijdens the rebound throws someone out of the audience the ball in the field, which the whistle should be. PSV’ers are angry, because the attack is aborted.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden75′ What a chance for PSV! Bergwijn is going back on for Bijlow, but this time the Feyenoord goalkeeper an answer.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour ago,73′ GOAL PSV! 2-1

The tension is back in Rotterdam! Bergwijn, one of the few with PSV who have a pass, rushes past his opponent and passes Bijlow by his legs.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geledenLozano is not totally in the match and forfeit once again the ball. The Mexican is very sloppy on the ball and has offensive little show.Heracles-VVV · one hour ago,69′ GOAL Heracles! 4-1. Heracles responds very well on the hit of the TOURIST and increases the margin back to three. Duarte draws with a beautiful shot distance for his second hit of the afternoon.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden68′ When PSV comes Érick Gútierrez in the team for Jorrit Hendrix.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden68′ Tyrell Malacia try it, but was not previously documented at the ball and gets a yellow after a violation on Lozano.Heracles-VVV · one hour ago,65′ GOAL in OT! 3-1. Is there a comeback in the making? VVV reduces the margin, in each case, however, to two thanks to a hit by Nils Röseler, that there binnenwerkt in the short corner.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden67′ Of Stream makes hands in his own penalty, but there is no question of intent. No penalty for PSV.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour ago

We see today also have cheerful faces at PSV? The team of trainer Mark van Bommel still has a half hour to the 2-0 gap in The Cockpit.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden63′ A cross from Vilhena is a long time and as a result tries Toornstra suddenly. The volley is not so bad, but flies in the zijnet.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden62′ Rajiv van la parra with an injury to the side. Yassin Ayoub the leader replaced.FC Groningen-NAC · one hour geledenDe setups of FC Groningen and NAC, which at 16.45 hours the final stages of forms of the fourteenth round.

FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Wierik, Chabot, Craftsman; Memisevic, Hrustic, Travel; Doan, Mahi, Warmerdam

NAC Breda: Leather; Sporkslede, Clog, Koch, Palmer-Brown, Mashart; Verschueren, Nijholt; Rosheuvel, Peace, KorteFeyenoord-PSV · one hour geledenNog a half hours on the clock in Rotterdam. PSV has things better organized, but can the Team still do not hurt. Times shoot with the left, next to and about after a good attack from the visitors.Heracles-VVV · one hour ago55′ GOAL Heracles! 3-0. On and off in Almelo, the netherlands. Kristoffer Peterson shoots a penalty kick inside and seems to decide the match.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour ago”I do nothing”, exclaims The Young after a minor infringement. The PSV captain is not yet in the contest.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden53′ Sweet has trouble with a low free-kick from mountain house. The goalkeeper prevents the 3-0.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden52′ Pablo Rosario, on the receipt after a violation on Vente.Heracles-VVV · one hour geleden49′ GOAL Heracles! 2-0. A few minutes after the disallowed goal of OT works Lerin Duarte.Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geleden50′ Still no chances of peace in Rotterdam. A cross from Berghuis from a free kick produces nothing.Heracles-VVV · one hour geleden47′ TOURIST seems to be on 1-1, but the goal of Jay-Roy Cave is disapproved. The attacker tapped in buitenspelpositie within.Heracles-VVV · one hour geleden46′ Also on the artificial turf in Almelo rolls the ball again. Can OT a defeat against Heracles still occur?Feyenoord-PSV · one hour ago,46′ The ball is rolling for the second company in Rotterdam!Feyenoord-PSV · one hour geledenDonyell Times come within the lines for PSV. He replaces the disappointing Pereiro.Back to top

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