Dana Winner sees dream come true

Dana Winner’s from Friday, four weeks on tv to see in The Voice the Senior. This is a dream, ” she says in The Interest of the province Of Limburg. “I always had the secret desire to agree on which revolving chairs to sit. Once I did a singing competition, and I wanted to know what it was like to be on the proverbial other side of the playing field. I am definitely a new experience. I’ve got so bright, sympathized with those candidates because I have the tension like no other could feel. The are or people older than sixty years, but they are oh so passionate. They are usually people who are very conscious of their be able and be sure that ‘The Voice of Senior’ a significant role in their further life. You should not be too bright to dwell on that age. Our candidates possess still keiveel vitality. They have the feeling, still not amortized, and that is true.”

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