CIA on case-Khashoggi: ‘Saudi crown prince sent messages to leader moordteam’

Crown prince Mohamed bin Salman (MBS) sent shortly before and after the murder on Jamal Khashoggi 11 messages to his principal adviser, that the team and external relations) that the murder of the journalist out. According to a CIA report that The Wall Street Journal could be read.

The newspaper The Wall Street Journal was the report of the CIA about the murder on Jamal Khashoggi partial view. This shows that the intelligence service there is pretty sure it is (medium to high confidence’, red.) that the crown prince Khashoggi ‘personal,’ and ‘probably gave the order to kill him’.

This tells the CIA that MBS in the hours before and after the murder on Khashoggi eleven messages sent to Saud al-Qahtani. That is his main advisor, but also the man who, according to the CIA the vijftienkoppige executieteam and external relations.

Another element that plays a part in the judgment of the CIA is the composition of the team that the murder was performed. The fifteen men were among the most important units of the crown prince’ security.

However, communication in which the crown prince is, literally, the death of Khashoggi ordered the CIA not to, according to the report.

Pompeo: ‘No direct evidence’

The saudis deny every link between the crown prince and the murder. And the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo, himself a ex-CIA-boss, repeated Saturday at CNN his earlier statement. “I have all the intelligence reports (about the case-Khashoggi, ed.) that the U.s. government has, read. And there is no direct evidence that the crown prince will link to the murder.”

The Saudi crown prince is already considered to be the principal for the murder of critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi on 2 October. Turkey came already with audiotapes do on the court during the murder would be made. Should he one of the members of the vijftienkoppige hit squad on the phone from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul saying ‘tell your boss’, denoting that the murder was. On the other side of the line went… one of the close associates of the crown prince.

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