Bullet through the church: UEFA comes with non-European clubtoernooi

Aleksander Ceferin

From the season 2021/2022 going to that new tournament, in addition to the already existing Champions League and Europa League, of start. At the event, the ’Europa League 2’, 32 clubs. That there are as many as in the Champions League. In the Europa League, the number of participating teams from 48 to 32.

Super League

The UEFA had already announced changes to want to make in the European club football. The European bond is against plans for a possible Super League, a competition between sixteen of the biggest clubs in Europe.

“There are more European matches for clubs. This competition is a result of an ongoing dialogue with the association of European clubs”, said Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, Sunday in Dublin.

The matches of the Europa League 2 ” will on Thursday be played. The precise nature of the league (which clubs are allowed to participate) will be later published.

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