Birgit Van Mol had no fear of 40

“Forty is actually not bad at all,” says Birgit Van Mol from the shore in the podcast of Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx about 40. “I find it terrible if I stories hear from people who have a whole day in their bed that day. Then I think: embrace it, take it, enjoy it and stay glorious, – you can still on all sides. 50 be was different, on my 40th I had a child in kindergarten, which makes me still very young felt. Meanwhile, my husband is also very sick, so I of 50 is also not an issue. I should be very happy that I’m 50, it has become a very healthy way. So for my 50th birthday, I thought: bring it on. I have the full on me, and I am very happy that I did, because it was a great birthday”, Birgit as wise counsel.

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