25 missing after forest fires in California

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The number of people that are still specified as ‘missing’ after deadly wildfires in the Us state of California, has declined to 25. Two weeks ago, there were more than 1,200, but on the 25 after they are in the meantime all. The fire is under control, but now to affect the region with heavy rainfall.

The death toll of the prolonged forest fires in the north of California remains unchanged at 88, according to the Butte County Sheriff’s Department Saturday in a communiqué. Almost to 18,000 houses have been destroyed, so Reuters, like to 62,000 acres of land: it was the biggest disaster in the history of California On Twitter adds to the local sheriff’s department says that 25 people still missing.

The so-called ‘Camp Fire’ broke ‘ on 8 november in the village of Paradise, 280 miles from San Francisco, and lasted almost two weeks. The exact cause is still being investigated. Also in the southern part of the state founded two smaller burn quite a lot of damage.

The fires themselves are now under control, but still are heelder parts of the U.s. state of closed and people can not yet to their homes. At this moment the region is indeed plagued by rain and floods.

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