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Zulte Waregem loses his expensive points against Oostende in the final

Zulte Waregem has not continued to knit his stuntzege on Club Brugge in the last match day. Essevee had, however, long-time views on a 1-0 victory against Oostende, but left the kustploeg five minutes before time, yet tegenscoren. Harbaoui made after 8 minutes the opener for Zulte Waregem, Indy Boonen brought Oostende final yet alongside.

The results of Zulte Waregem really started to fall since the home won of Standard. It was Mamadou Sylla, one of the superstars, even though the Senegalese excluded after a red card. Tonight was Sylla operational again. Dury could so the same team as against the Rouches preparation. Child of the account it was Thomas Buffel.

On the other side was the KV Oostende for a few weeks already less well after the 3 on 12. Coach Gert Verheyen was forced two bills to implement. Junior Fashion Sakala came into the team for the suspended Wout Faes. Jordi Brown was hurt, Aristote Nkaka was at the kick-off.

Egg after came the visitors the lead after Baudry bad uitverdedigde. Zivkovic took aim at Bossut. That Nkaka in the basis was that they have a conscience at KV Oostende. The former jeugdinternational missed his interception completely at a lost long ball of Heylen. Harbaoui was there as the chickens at his ninth of the season against the ropes to ram. After a ten minute was the home team so on edge. Much interest was there then not more. Oostende played to limp and developed no pace. Essevee tried the quick Sylla a few times to launch. Much success they had. Out of nothing could Coopman via a header after a corner kick almost equalising. The attempt foundered in the zijnet.

VAR does not

Halfway through the first half of the men claimed Zulte Waregem a penalty kick. The Bock would be a flurry of Tardieu hand have touched. Referee Visser was alerted by the VAR. But then it turned out that it did not. Visser decided then but to a free kick on the edge of the sixteen. Doubtful. For the rest, there were a few actions through The Peacock and Sylla, goals resulted.

The second half started like the first: weak. It was eight minutes to wait before The Peacock with a shot distance the audience awake again tried to make. Oostende played back too slow. Also Essevee made not much more ready. The pace disappeared completely from the party. When the Farmers almost asleep cradled, there was Sakala. That said, if he is completely alone, incomprehensible, not between the poles. There was really very little to see at the Gaverbeek. To five minutes for affluiten a lost ball – yet again – of Milovic in the course of Boonen fell. The Peacock verkeek is on the bots. Boonen worked pretty overhoeks: 1-1.

For KV Oostende is the point at Essevee a boost after the previous 0 to 6. Essevee could almost completely out of the sure to play, but left that after. Next week at Mouscron plays again against a direct competitor.

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