World cup 2022 may be in multiple countries

One of the stadiums in Qatar.

Chairman Gianni Infantino of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA said Saturday in his speech at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in the hope that several countries have matches at the next world CHAMPIONSHIPS will host.

,,Maybe, if the football will make that dream a reality, we will be in 2022 for a world cup experience in Qatar and also, why not, and what matches in other countries on the Arabian Gulf,” said Infantino. ,,But that is another story, hopefully with a good end.” The boss of global football, added the word ‘inshallah!’, which means: with God’s will.

Infantino has already hinted that he is on the world cup 2022 like to more than 32 countries wants to see. In that case, Qatar the help of some neighbouring countries is necessary for all races to be able to accommodate.

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