Waylon offers talent stage in Ahoy

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For the edition of this year he has two young guest artists invited. The Kimberly Maasdamme of The Voice of Holland and House of Talent artist Bram Boender.

“I like the young talent the chance to offer on a big stage”, says Waylon, who in the previous season, coach Kimberly was in The Voice of Holland. They kicked it to the semi-finals.

Waylon: “I’m not for nothing a coach in The Voice. See it as a football coach. Which puts the ball sometimes down to an impossible place for the players. By Kimberly and Bram to join in the Ahoy let me see: ’This is the league in which we play. Ahoy beckons, if you’re willing there a lot to do.”

Saturday is Waylon again in the Ahoy. Waylon Live in Concert – Top 1000 of all time is a series of concert that Waylon ever since 2016 provides in Ahoy.

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