Waylon comes with its own Top 1000


For the show on november 29, 2019, Waylon his own rankings together, supplemented with suggestions from his audience. “We can have the wider draw. I’m sitting next year not more to thousand songs. It came more and more often that the list that served as the basis for the Top 1000 shows restrictions entailed. It’s a pretty rough list, with lots of rock-’n ‘ -roll. We want to sometimes deviate”, says Waylon, who also, for example, like a Small Boy, of André Hazes in its own Top 1000. Waylon sang a Little Boy last month, even though his fellow judges in The Voice of Holland.

“What I miss in the list are Hollandstalige hits, of, for example, André Hazes, and Robert Long. I find the Hazes to be crazy. The Top 1000 covers, mostly rock hits and thus, I limit myself pretty. I want to now a complete palette of music to be heard. Each radio station has its own list, all the more reason to make our own list.”

Also the visitors of the concert have influence on the repertoire. Every visitor that ever a Top 1000 concert has visited, should a suggestion come up with.

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