Tom Waes attacked by bull

Plans for a more extensive seed had Tom Waes (50) not more, but it was still a scare when a Spanish bull him during the filming of Travel Waes Europe are full in the lower regions touched. Know The Newspaper. In Spain stepped Waes the arena for the ‘recortes’, an acrobatic and animal-friendly variant of the bullfight in which athletes the bulls with somersaults and other jumps to dodge. “I saw one of those guests in that arena is busy and thought: that looks to me feasible. I went behind that guy, he took a step aside, I was too late. That bull flies loose in my crotch. I weigh ninety pounds, but flew as a compliment by the air. The bull hit me just above the pubic bone, agree Pascal Braeckman looked in my pants and everything looked purple. (laughs) It did hurt, but fortunately without consequences.”

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