The political heart of the Netherlands concluded by parade ‘yellow vests’

The French protest movement of the ‘yellow vests’ blows now over to the Netherlands. There are marches in Nijmegen, Maastricht and The Hague, where the Binnenhof is closed.

Just as in France and in Belgium oppose the protesters against the high oil prices, and by extension the functioning of the government. Also in the Netherlands there is no central leadership of the movement. The actions were indeed on Facebook was announced, but not requested.

The police in The Hague Saturday the Courtyard is closed for a demonstration. About fifty activists had Saturday at the building of the Dutch parliament collected. The police have the protesters summoned to the Malieveld, the place where most demonstrations in the Netherlands. The group is added to at least a hundred men. There are two people arrested. According to the police, the atmosphere is good as well.

In Nijmegen was a small group of thirty men on the leg. They walked a short distance to the centre and there was a speech. Then the action ended. Some people suggested to take the action weekly to repeat it.

The action in Maastricht started in the near of the stadium of football club MVV. About fifty activists tried from there, the nearby highway to reach, in order to block, but they were up to three times, by the police stopped. Afterwards, the group dissolved, with the yellow vests were done. The demonstrators went on the road to the city centre of Maastricht. A number did mention the yellow jacket again. The leader of the action was by agents included.

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