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The Latest News maintains trust in chef football

Stephan Keygnaert, who is the chief football analyst at The Latest News, after a month of work at the newspaper. His name was called in the fraud at the Belgian football, but according to the publisher of the daily newspaper, there is no reason for him to doubt.

In the newspaper of Saturday, he wrote the editorial about the coming voetbalweekend.

In the aftermath of the voetbaldossier stop there on social media and in some publications a number of references to the head on over the role of Keygnaert. It therefore decided Keygnaert, in consultation with the editors-in-chief, to step aside so that the allegations against the light could keep.

That internal investigation is now completed. “The conclusion is clear: there is no reason for the thread is not re-pick it up”, let the press department of Medialaan and De Persgroep, publisher of The Latest News, Saturday morning know.

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