Taxi driver attacked with samuraizwaard

VIENNA – An Austrian taxi driver was injured when angry passengers attacked him with a samuraizwaard. The men refused, according to the police the fare to pay and ontstaken apparently in anger when they then were told that they had to get off.

The two passengers of 52 and 62 were properly recompensed when they got on in the place Gleisdorf, in the province of Styria. During the journey arose an argument with the 46-year-old driver, the taxi stopped to take the men out of the vehicle. That fell not on good ground in his drunken customers.

When the driver opened the door for one of the men, came suddenly with a samuraizwaard on the gpu. The driver then got blows with the weapon, which according to the police, the sheath was. His two attackers ran, but were later detained by police.

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