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STVV impresses against Antwerp with a fourth victory in a row

STVV is with a handsome 1-3 digits are going to win on the field of Antwerp. The Canaries were early lead through a penalty kick of Botaka, but The Great Old, came with a lot of luck alongside. The People were, however, not crates, by a blunderende VAR, remained vrank en vrij soccer and climbed up before the break, once again on edge after a clever attack by Bezus was completed. After the break, decided Garcia the party. STVV works 12 on 12 and embeds for the time being, in addition to number four Anderlecht, that tomorrow only plays. Antwerp shows a shared leadership position.

The most important thing about the constellations in this ‘schaduwtopper’: Jelle Van Damme we saw last week in The Smartest Man, but yesterday is not on the field. The suspended Second defender was replaced by Borges. Fortunately for Laszlo Bölöni was Haroun is available again. Also STVV missed a pawn in this game due to suspension: Endo resolved Boli.

The initial phase, we were assured tumultuous call. Already in the first minute we saw Govea limping to leave the field. He had himself at the ball to choke up and hit then in the duel injured. The Mexican came back, but his match was sitting there after five minutes. Not Hairemans, but Lamkel Zé came to replace him.

Bolat earned red

The following Antwerp-player in the picture: Sinan Bolat. The goalkeeper picked a corner and wanted to quickly resume. He felt hampered by The Sart? It will, though, because Bolat planted his elbow in the face of the midfielder. Incomprehensible. Referee Pit did not hesitate and pointed rightly to the dot. The VAR did that stage not even to watch, but I had to share that this is actually a red card earned. Bolat was allowed to stay, the penalty of Botaka he could not tackle.

0-1 and the game was immediately on the car because the thuisfans were outraged. On the quarter of an hour came, their team is finally set up. Refaelov kicked a time in addition, Mbokani saw his shot allowed to creep in and Juklerod… saw a cross through Tomiyasu about Steppe in the objective space. The equalizer was a fact, a fluke. A double blessing because just before the goal had Lamkel Zé a violation and which remained unpenalized. STVV had reason to complain, but, of course, not the ref trying to mislead. Kamada was rightly yellow for a schwalbe.

Now Hairemans

The first half remained pleasant, with opportunities over and over again. In minute 37 came the visitors again on lead. Garcia-operated cunning Bezus in the sixteen and the Ukrainian playmaker kicked in one time with his lesser left pole within. Buta prevented what later just 1-3 since The Sart was ready to get inside heads. But the 2-2 was quiet yet friendly. Refaelov took First for the third time under fire, his shot ended up right next to it.

Bölöni brought after rest however Hairemans in place of defender Opare. But the change did not bring much of a courtesy. STVV kept it in the back tightly and was easier to play football, even after a playmaker Bezus to the side. Botaka passed Juklerod and explained well, The Norre fusilleerde the lat. And topschutter Kamada kicked just next to after a good action of a substitute Acolatse. Marc Brys had only to complain about the finish, that third goal was actually already a fact.

Second Antwerp-injury

At Antwerp felt very bad, they have more because Arslanagic, this season the sterkhouder in the back, had injured to the side. That Bölöni with Rodrigues as an offensive pawn it threw, was understandable. It was about time to make some more to take risks. But alas, to no avail. A quarter of an hour for time made Garcia after a corner 1-3. Books – afterwards happened there is not too much more, Steppe took only a shot from Rodrigues. After the final whistle if Brys for the fourth time in a row to cheer. Very clever, this 12 on 12, which the team itself as a major Play-off 1-candidate profiles. Next week wait for a competitor’s Standard.

But unfortunately no party in honor of the leadership position. A missed opportunity.

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