“Sorry, Johan, that I years, a secret around them out of fear of everyone losing’

Voetbalanalist Johan Derksen will get in the Netherlands a lot of criticism for his statements about lgbt.

Derksen responded last week in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside on a petition to football fields homovriendelijker. “They have to be a good boy,” he said about the ‘two hysterical young homootjes’ that the football association had written. ‘We have to stop pretending that it is so terribly difficult to come out of the closet. If you have a bit of character, you will be there just for.”

On social media reacted, the people under the hashtag SorryJohan with personal stories about their outing. “Sorry, Johan, that I was seven years with a secret have been because I was afraid everyone to lose’, says someone.

Stories about harassment and maltreatment because of someone’s sexual orientation were shared. “Sorry, Johan, that I understand the hand of my girlfriend release if a threatening situation is. As I then prefer it fixed love’, it sounds like it.

Derksen says he does not regret his statements and stressed that he has nothing against gays. “I have easy talking as a hetero’, he responded. “It will be quite a struggle for guys to get out of the closet. But every day that you deny it, is a day too long.”

The stories that have been shared, he mentions ‘huilverhalen ” of people in a slachtofferrol crawl.

According to the initiators of the petition to football homovriendelijker to make aware of the voetbalanalist not that he is with his statements homophobia stirs up on social media. The Dutch minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Emancipation condemns the statements. She has Derksen asked to be with her in a debate.

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