‘Some people in Belgium believe that the Congo, still a colony’

The Congolese president Joseph Kabila stated that ” some people in Belgium still believe that Congo is a colony’. That’s what he says in an interview with Le Soir. “I think of us as free people, who are not accountable to a minister of Foreign Affairs in Belgium.’

The Congolese head of state reads in the Belgian attitude of a certain problematic state of mind’. “Some Belgians think that the Belgians are still the preponderance must have on the Congolese’, it sounds.

‘That worked maybe with our fathers, who no longer are here – but for us, the children of those who colonialism in this country is contested, this is unacceptable, that does not work. The Congolese people will never accept it.”


According to Kabila, it is not Belgium ‘to choose who this country leads, the politicians of the opposition to join in (the Walloon Brabant, ed.) Genval, them chocolate to offer…’. He describes this as ‘neokolonialistische tendencies, one would not accept of China, Russia or the United States, and are therefore not part of the Belgians’.

De Gucht

Kabila, the conversation return to his clashes with former minister of Foreign Affairs Karel De Gucht (Open VLD). The president characterizes him as ‘a little racist’. “And I do not like racists.’


Kabila, even to the end of this year’s president, it is stated that during the 23 december planned vote ‘all is well’.

After a long period of uncertainty, proposed Kabila, just before the deadline at the beginning of August, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as the presidential candidate for his majority. “What me surprised was that my decision could surprise: I have done what I always said.”

About three weeks of the elections, against the background of an ebola outbreak in North-Kivu and various heavy conflicts. Until now everything went ‘for 90 per cent of normal’, says Kabila. “The campaign is calm begun, and the absence of incidents shows the political maturity of the population. Then rest the security on the day of the election itself. After december 23, we have the results waiting. I believe that everything good will happen.’

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