Rupert Grint thought about quitting Harry Potter

Rupert Grint

“There were definitely times that I thought to stop,” says the actor – in the film as Ron Weasley – to The Guardian. “The filming of Harry Potter was a huge sacrifice; the long days and hard work, especially at such a young age. I remember during a lunch break thought: all of this breaks me so, I really want to go back? Maybe this is just not for me. I was probably just a teenager.”

As Rupert grew older, he got more and more the feeling that one was hoping for a big scandal. “It felt as if people were waiting until I would derail, but that was not to be. We filmed everything in the protective Watford, not in Hollywood, so we did not have the opportunity to take drugs or something like that – to discover.

The Harry Potter star was last summer for thirty years. It still feels Rupert is a lot younger. “As if I still am not. I also don’t know what the future will bring, though. I just stay nice and continue to do so; interesting roles to play, and then look what else is on my path. Ever I want to settle down and have children. Or I have a son, Ron would call it? Good name, but probably not!”

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