River Plate reject final in Madrid

The fanschare of River Plate.

The Argentine club requires that the decisive duel with a fellow-townsman, the Boca Juniors are just in their own country is finished.

The return would actually last week Saturday to be played. The team bus of Boca Juniors was on the way to the stadium El Monumental of River Plate, however, with all kinds of objects pelted. A lot of footballers in the bus were injured or were suffering from the tear gas that was sprayed.

The match was in the first instance, with one day deferred, however Boca Juniors refused to Sunday to play. The club wants to because of all of the events to the winner to be named by the South American bond Conmebol.

That bond pointed this week to the stadium of Real Madrid as the new location for the laden duel. It is the intention of Boca Juniors and River Plate to one another on december 9, take.

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