Red Noses Day brings 4.269.073 euro

The third edition of the Red Nose Day, which this year was the mental health of young people at school, 4.269.073 euro in the coffers, a record amount, so message VTM on Twitter. The transmitter is next year a new edition organize.

From research with teachers, students, and parents in Flanders shows that there is a need for support for students with mental health problems. One teacher in two has at least once a week to deal with this issue, and almost half calling for more time and resources.
The proceeds of the many in Flanders organized actions to go to the Red Noses Fund, that the money to divide among the schools.
Among others, Sam De Bruyn, Jonas Van Geel, Koen Wauters and Evi Hanssen were ambassador of the action.
In 2015, released the first edition of the Red Noses Day 3.858.814 euros. In 2016, it was that 4.103.677 euro.

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