Punishment for Bazoer: “He hangs outside the boat ’

Riechedly Bazoer, it seems provisionally to have verbruid at FC Porto.

“We rowing all in the same direction, but if someone outside of the boot will hang down, so that it might be slower going boating, may us that the championship expenses. Anyone who is not with us wants to eradicate, so it has a problem”, says Conceição. “It’s not about me, but to the group process. There are a lot of people involved.”

Bazoer, who this season is rented from VfL Wolfsburg, it would be after the interlandperiode too late returned from a short vacation. Porto took the 22-year-old midfielder with an option to buy, but would the six-time international now may understand early to send back to Germany.

Bazoer succeeded in recent months in a move to enforce the Portuguese football club. The old-following his departure to chelsea played only two bekerduels and if in the Champions League match with Schalke 04 short raids.

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