Pascale Bal no longer together with friend

Since they a few punches in her face was of someone who her friend was called, Pascale Bal in the media is no longer shown. You would be less if you have a partner who is so aggressive. A complaint to the police was enough for a lawsuit. Last week, the court ruling in the case and was Ernst, the ex-boyfriend of the former Family-actress sentenced. In the media appeared that Pascale Ball her friend had forgiven and they are still together but in Tv Family, we read on Wednesday that this story is not true. The magazine received a comment from someone that his or her name rather not be in the weekly notice to appear. “I find it very bad that Pascale is now portrayed as a sickly, loving, submissive, abused woman. Her relationship with Ernst is over! Not think that they go to someone that its something like that feel. This is where her self-respect is too big for that, and besides, she thinks to her son, to what is good for hém. So, for all clarity: that Ernst is out of her life disappeared, and that is a good thing.”

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