Paris fears again riots at the demonstration in ‘yellow vests’

The French capital is bracing itself for a new proof of the ‘yellow vests’. It is already the third time that showed their displeasure show in Paris. Last weekend were still a lot of destruction caused. Police are continuing today, therefore, about 5,000 in.

It is waiting to see how many people on the Champs-Elysees will show up. The past few days, it seemed, in France, after all, that the protest movement, which have arisen spontaneously and so no real organization employs, to the crumbling. On the first day of action of the yellow shirts in the middle of november proved to be 282.000 demonstrators in Paris, last week, there were 106.000. Also the French government to follow the rise with a critical eye.

President Emmanuel Macron showed earlier this week understanding, for the anger of the yellow bibs and their demand to lower fuel costs, but concrete promises he made barely. The displeasure in the man with the pet continues to smolder.

There is Saturday in various places in France, on the street, but most of the attention goes to the Champs-Elysees in Paris. From 6 pm there are only pedestrians are admitted, then all authentication will be subject.

Traders in the area to keep their shops closed and protect the glass display cases with wooden plates. The French minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, fear, after all, the advent of extremist rioters. At the event last week, the police had to tear gas the bets and, ultimately, were more than a hundred people arrested. There would be more than a million dollars worth of damage are caused.


In our country, was in Brussels on Friday for the first time, the scene of a demonstration of the ‘yellow vests’. That caused a lot of congestion. In the Rue de la loi, were also two politiecombi’s in flames.

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