Palermo for ten euros sold

Maurizio Zamparini resigns as chairman of Palermo.

“We have for some time been occupied with the search for a partner that my work can continue, but with a little more financial clout,” says Zamparini in an open farewell letter to the fans of the Rosanero. “With pain in the heart, and with the future of the clubs and the fans in mind, I have reached an agreement on the transfer of the ownership of the club.”

By ’recent unfortunate legal developments’ could the businessman the last time, no more as of old, to invest in the club and according to him, earn his love better. In his eyes false stories in the media have made him a lot of grief done.

“I’m by the press portrayed as someone I am not. I am a sincere, honest, social, active and generous person. That is also evident from the life that I lead and the love that I receive from the fans.”

The 77-year-old Zamparini took over in 2002, the helm and Palermo and recorded, especially in the first ten years a lot of successes. Came to the club regularly in the Europa League and got the even once the eighth-finals. Under Zamparini took Palermo big players like Luca Toni, Edinson Cavani, Javier Pastore and Paulo Dybala to Sicily.

Yet this was not always a bed of roses. Zamparini was destroying a total of 45 trainers and saw the club in the last few years to relegate from Serie A.

At the moment the Palermo weather for the wind. It comes with a lead of three points at Pescara the lead in the Serie B.

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