Mourinho sees power United decrease

Manchester United-coach Jose Mourinho speaks out about the current transfergekte in English football.

Mourinho is reluctant in regards to the transferbeleid of the English nation. “If I’m honest, I think that we at all no players will attract. If we do make a purchase, then it is a maximum of one player.”

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The growth of Tottenham Hotspur is, according to the 55-year-old coach is the main reason that The Red Devils have little to no players will attract. “In the past, could United the best players of Tottenham, but now will not do more. Tottenham is strong enough to say no.” Formerly cited United stars Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov away at the London club.

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In the financial area are the other times in football. “You only chance is on the transfer list if you have the most crazy amount to pay. Or you have second-rate players to attract, but that will not fit at a club like United,” said Mourinho.

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If the English recordkampioen in January, however, stirring in the transfergekte, then it will be the visor as a first focus on a central defender, so reports the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

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