More and more Chinese learn English

There are soon four Chinese universities which offer. Two in Beijing, one in Shanghai and the Dutch Language union has recently signed a fourth teaching in the foundation discovered, in Hebei, a province near Peking. Flemish minister for Culture Sven Gatz visited during his cultural trade mission to the Beijing Foreign Studies university. He gave a lesson English about our stripcultuur.

In China the system so that you are only every four years can participate in a course in Dutch. Often chose the students first for the English language and find it easy to English. “If you know English, it is the easiest European language. I study all three years in English. The grammar of Dutch is almost the same,” explains a North Korean student from just before the start of the lesson of Gatz.

In the wake of the minister also travels the Nederlandse Taalunie in Beijing. It is the only organisation in the delegation who are not from the artistic sector, but what you often have to trade missions are crossovers. For example, the oxford English dictionary, during the trip into contact with Hamlet, the audiovisual Brussels production company. Hamlet is working on an animated movie, ‘Silk Man’, to the book ‘Zijdeman’ by Kathleen Vereecken and the Language has Hamlet brought into contact with a literary translator who probably started with the book of Vereecken it to the Chinese to translate.

The film ‘Zijdeman’ is a Belgian-Chinese co-production. Film producer Arielle Key of Hamlet: “We are in China in search of community investment partners, and we are in discussion with a number of animation studios for the implementation of the 2D-drawings.” At the end of 2021 the movie in the halls is expected.

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