Monica Geuze: ’Actress is not for me to play’

Monica Geuze

“I do like to make things that I really like,” said Monica to the camera of the ANP on the set of What is love, the film that next year december in the cinemas to see. “But it’s not that I thought earlier: I would later love to do a movie playing.” The vlogster is not going to be against any role that is offered to her ’yes’ to say. “If you are really an actress, do you do. But that is not for me to play, I think.”

In What is love performed by Monica is a role that close to her is that of a football wife. Big difference between the vlogster, who has a relationship with footballer Lars Veldwijk, and her character Tamara is that Tamara in separation. “There are three children in the game, so that’s all tricky, and they really want half of his money.”

Monica said ’yes’ to the romantic comedy from director Aniëlle Webster, because it was very close to her was. “I would also very much like the half of my vent his money…”, she jokes. “No, really it was a role in which I myself, and which I’m not all weird antics from the need to pick up.” Nevertheless, it was Monica its boundaries. “We had to dance and sing, that was not quite my thing.”

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