May will see the seventh minister resigned

Again, to get a minister in Great Britain, as a result of the brexit-the agreement of prime minister Theresa May. Minister of arts and Sciences Sam Gyimah announces his resignation in The Daily Telegraph.

It is already the seventh member of the cabinet that hit the road since May last month a number of events starting with the European Union. That agreement must be on 11 december, however still get approval from the British parliament.

Gyimah says in the newspaper ‘the naive agreement that May with Brussels closed, not to be able to support.’ According to him, it is not in the national interest, Britain would be worse from. “It means a democratic deficit and a loss of sovereignty that the public will never accept.’

With his resignation, close Gyimah joined the proponents of a hard brexit. Remarkably, he carried out the earlier campaign for the ‘Remain’camp.


Great Britain wanted after the brexit in the European Galileo programme (satellite navigation, controls, ed.) continue to, in which it had been 1.4 billion pounds has been invested. But that proved to confidential reasons, it is not possible for the EU. According to the BBC, was that for the British Wetenschapsminister the proof that Europe is first to his self-interest think.

Premier May confirmed that the British army in the future, no longer will make the Galileo satellite data. She said that the UK is going to see whether it is a private satellite on legs.

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