Macron: violence Paris unacceptable

PARIS – The president of france Emmanuel Macron believes that that the wave of violence and vandalism in Paris on Saturday, in no way is justifiable.

“No reason justifies that the security forces are attacked, shops looted, public or private buildings in fire is to be inserted, pedestrians, or journalists being threatened or that the Arc de Triomphe is tainted,” said Macron at a press conference in Buenos Aires, where he was the G20 summit attended.

Premier Edouard Philippe spoke to his previously all his indignation about the “exceptional violence.” Because of the riots Philippe his visit to the climate conference in Poland cancelled.

Demonstration derailed completely

The proof of the ’yellow vests’ in Paris derailed Saturday afternoon fully. Dozens of cars went up in flames, when banks were windows were smashed and furniture was destroyed.

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Paris turns into battlefield

Some activists bekogelden the police and put barricades on. In the confrontation with the riot police fell eighty wounded, of whom fourteen agents. There were almost 200 people arrested.

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