Lawyer out of anger in the direction of the arbitrator: ’No, I wouldn’t dare’

Dick Advocaat (r) sends his men and goes to the 3-0 deficit to a 3-3 tie.

After just 26 minutes, was already 3-0 on the scoreboard. “We were as a team not good and the way how we goals weggaven should not be at Premier league level,” said the 71-year-old coach across Fox Sports.

Geaggiteerd turned Lawyer after the rustsignaal in the direction of the locker room, where he referee Richard Martens addressed. Reason of the anger of the ex-coach was the penalty that Excelsior got. “Maybe it is useful if you just look at whether a penalty was” shouted Lawyer at Martens.

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The referee invited a Lawyer, and then to the incident quietly with him to discuss. Lawyer: “He said that he, in consultation with the VAR decided to take the penalty.” It seemed, moreover, in the first instance that Lawyer and the arbitrator on the mat wanted to cry out, but that turned out to be a misunderstanding. “No, that I would not dare against a referee”, winks Lawyer.

Lifesaver for the domstedelingen again it appeared Nick Venema. Attorney brought the jeugdexponent of FC Utrecht in the 46th minute, and partly thanks to a hit by the attacker knew FC Utrecht the result is to bend. “It took a very long time before he scored,” said the Lawyer. A move beckons for the striker. “The more you say, the sooner I’ll do it.”

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