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Kortrijk has enough to early goal for victory against Mouscron

Kortrijk Mouscron 1-0 defeated, but the men of Vanderhaeghe had more trouble than expected to Les Hurlus aside. Thanks to a peilsnelle goal of The Sart could Kortrijk, the three points for the second time this season thuishouden.

Kortrijk seems to learn from the mistakes. This time was the focus for the team to do immediately. The first chance was the price. Avenatti won the kopduel, Mboyo went with the ball on the pick and brought him from the left. Of Durmen could hit the ball only a central process in the feet of The Sart and who didn’t hesitate for a second to pull the trigger. 1-0 after ninety seconds and that is already been this season. Eight-time came Kortrijk in the first quarter behind, but could now for the change itself of an early lead enjoy.

Mouscron seemed, however, not be started. Under the impulse of a bustling Benson looked for it in the first quarter to the second half. The Henegouwers found each other well, but bites their teeth on the organization of the Guys. Kumordzi and Kagelmacher formed for the first time in six months again the heart of the defence and that provided stability. After a strong openingskwartier got Mouscron harder, which there is a glim followed the quick playmaking that Kortrijk last season featured. In a few times stood on the other side and could Avenatti only on Butez him, but he decided to weak. Then dropped down the match a little and there was especially a lot of push –and drawgear on the society.

Missed opportunity

After thirty minutes went to Kortrijk for a moment to spill with the opportunities. Mboyo slipped through the offside trap because Galitsios is not properly paying attention, and came eye-to-eye with Butez ,but he pushed the ball too far. Chance desperate. A moment later, cut off Azouni like a knife through the butter of the Solo defence. The Tunesiër dribbled four men and brought a perfect for but Stojanovic lap incomprehensible. Then took Mouscron the game back in our hands, but score was not. Kortrijk could go to rest with a deserved 1-0-lead.

It was Asia the strongest out of the dressing room. The Henegouwers got early in the second half a good chance via Gulan, who with a sharp cut cross Leye reached. The year-old Senegalese striker won the kopduel of Kagelmacher but his header lacked power. A moment later, Boya building from a distance, Kaminski picked up effortlessly. Kortrijk played until the hour nothing ready, to d’haene with a superb header in the 2-0 on a picture made, but Mboyo was not at the ball. The signal for the Guys to be a bit more threatening. Chevalier was deeply driven by Ajagun, but the Frenchman got the ball were going for, which Avenatti and Mboyo under the pressure of Dusenne each other were hindering to a shot.

Kortrijk played with fire, because Mouscron came at the end yet dangerous set-up. First was Van Der Bruggen a shot of Benson afblokken, then took a corner of Pierrot for danger. Mouscron was not to score. Kortrijk can, therefore, three points enter and jumps on can be either three points credit. Those who see the result, think: a successful dress rehearsal for the cup match Tuesday. But against the big rival Zulte Waregem will make the game better, want to Kortrijk the next round of the cup.

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