Karine Claassen, go full gas ahead

Karine Claassen start Monday with Blood, Sweat and Luxeproblemen on One. In 2017 she won the Rising Star in the Flemish Televisiesterren and her career seems to be launched. “I have professionally been lucky,” she said in Gazet Van Antwerpen. “I did my internship at in this Regard. Guests have me welcomed and embraced. It did to people to make it very hard in me believed. Even despite the fact that I know I am not perfect. When I interviews remov, I try getting as close as possible to myself to continue and in the process to figure out what result it yields. I think it’s just that is what people are so interested in my work.” Across America was her breakthrough. “It made a lot of people my work got to know. Previously, I worked with Canvas, but One if your audience is a multitude. With Straight Through America I finally got a feeling of… self-confidence. Or call it confidence in what I was doing. With trial and error, though. I can still work and suddenly in a panic shoot. I ask myself even now more in demand than in the past. But all in all, I was calmer and I realize that not everyone can be pleasen.”

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