Idrissi soon makes a choice: “Passion in Morocco is far greater”

Oussama Idrissi, should the trial come to Morocco and will soon have to make that choice.

Idrissi has all the showroom youth teams of the Netherlands going through, but, suddenly, there was the phone call from Renard. “I didn’t know what I could expect from the organisation, the atmosphere and how everything there is out there.”

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Idrissi airport is only tasted in Morocco

The 22-year-old vleugelaanvaller came not to play, but has, after its call for Morocco now only differences between the two countries. “I know football very lives, perhaps even more than in the Netherlands. The passion is much greater,” says Idrissi to the club of AZ. “In terms of voetbalintentie differs not very much. Also in Morocco, they want to win games in an attractive way.”

Idrissi looks very positive back on his days at the national team of Morocco, but a final choice has he still not created. “In the short term, I do of course have no choice to make, but I’ve had good conversations with the people around me. It may not be long before I make my choice bekendmaak. It is, I think, a matter of time.”

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