Henry Schut: Maxim went too far in frikandelgate

Henry Schut, Rafael van der Vaart and Maxim Hartman (v.l.n.r.).

“The enjoying part is in the largest sense, in that you think: here we have a nice issue to address, and this is a great television,” says the NOS Studio Sport presenter, in conversation with “That was, to some extent, because at a given moment, I found that Maxim went too far in his terminology and in his act. What a pity it was, because he had a very good point. He disputed just eating snacks by elite athletes.”

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Henry – that to Chris Helt admits it is unfortunate to find that he is in the role of presenter, not the same questions as Maxim – thinks it’s great that Rafael finally was the one who was right. “As an athlete can best one day in the week complete sin. That doesn’t detract from his body or his condition. If the body six days in the week, conditioned with good food and all kinds of schedules and such, and you do the seventh day everything that you like, then it does nothing from out of your body. So this discussion was very nice and Co Adriaanse was sitting there, almost as a kind of Driving Judge told me that ultimately, how it really was. So that was quite a beautiful television.”

It was bright, Saturday 18 June 2016 in Studio France, where, among others, Maxim Hartman was a guest on the football matches of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to talk. The conversation, however, changed the subject when Rafael van der Vaart by the cheeky presenter was accused that he is too much frikandellen eating. The now former footballer had in advance already know that he is not every day by Maxim interviewed would like to be. “He is really annoying.” After the criticism of Maxim reacted the 109-fold international also agitated: “We are in a voetbalprogramma? Let him enjoy talking about eating, do I care.

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