Henk Westbroek: Sinterklaas, who knows him not in the Top 2000?

Henk Westbroek

He asks himself Saturday afternoon: “Is santa Claus who knows he is not nominated for the Top 2000? Or can that not more by the moral bracket?” And then possibly the ’regenboogversie’, who four years ago was recorded, and where green, blue, red, and yellow pete’s in ohio. “For that exist also.”

Different people are there to poke. “How brilliant would it be if everyone is going to vote. The opinion to be heard.” Nomination of the Dutch classic’ seems to be another ’not to visit’. “The old and natural black hair and I say YES.” Some say they will go vote. Some give the preference to something else of my hand: “I take no offense to that song, but there have been better written.”

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