Heerenveen close Eredivisie-evening with a profit (closed)

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  • Heerenveen close Eredivisie-evening with a profit (closed)

Heerenveen close Eredivisie-evening with a profit (closed)

01 december, 2018 18:17
01-12-18 18:17
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After Vitesse-FC Emmen (1-1), AZ-Willem II and De Graafschap PEC Zwolle (both 0-2) is the Premier league-evening Saturday from 20.45 hours ended with sc Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard. Follow everything in our liveblog.


  • Heerenveen-Fortuna (3-1)

Vitesse-FC Emmen 1-1
AZ-Willem II 0-2
The County-PEC 0-2sc Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · 8 minutes ago

Past! sc Heerenveen post a 3-1 victory at Fortuna Sittard, and sets the first thuiszege of the season safely. The Marbles climb at the expense of the People to the ninth Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · 23 minutes geleden79′ GOAL Heerenveen! 3-1

Over and out in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. The commitment of Zeneli is still turned by Koselev, but in the rebound shoots From Amersfoort, however, touch. For the attacker it was his first goal of the season.Premier league · 25 minutes ago

It has all the appearance of that Heerenveen is on his way to the first thuiszege of this season.Eredivisie · 27 minutes geleden75 ” Mitchell of Bergen has the 3-1 on his shoe, but his bet of close to is an excellent getting caught by Fortuna goalkeeper Koselev.Premier league · 32 minutes ago

Today, there were already 21 cards (20 times yellow and 1 red). In the last five seasons, there was one Saturday that more cards were handed out: september 10, 2016: 22 maps; 21 yellow and 2 red cards.Eredivisie · 39 minutes geleden61′ Heerenveen goalkeeper Hahn is there as the chickens at a Fortuna attack in the bud. From the rebound shoot Lamprou Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · 43 minutes geleden58′ The Limburg defense think Kobayashi ball is going to give, but instead shoot the Japanese on purpose. Alexei Koselev responds quickly and tap the ball over the Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden47′ GOAL! Both teams beat in a minute of time. First shoot Zeneli a penalty tap, and then Lamprou directly from the kick-off 2-1 of maakt.De County-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

Past! PEC Zwolle to win by goals scored by Leemans and Namli with 0-2 at The County, where Newport in the first half of the field with red to leave. PEC climb to the fourth spot, while The County on the seventeenth place to hang. If NAC tomorrow knows how to win at FC Groningen, the team from Doetinchem the new hekkensluiter.AZ-Willem II · one hour ago

Past! Willem II book by two hits of Sol a 0-2 victory at AZ and climb to the eleventh place in the Eredivisie. The team from Alkmaar vlijft stuck on the eighth Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · one hour agoRest. Heerenveen and Fortuna search by a rake header of Höegh with a 1-0-outcome in the changing rooms op.De County-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

Younes Namli makes tonight, the first goal of this season. Last season was the Dane’s good for five Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden43′ GOAL Heerenveen! 1-0

A header from Daniel Höegh is by Mark Diemers changed direction and falls within.AZ-Willem II · one hour ago

AZ comes from a defeat after seven home matches at the twelve verliespunten in Alkmaar this season. Last season was AZ after seventeen thuisduels sixteen verliespunten.AZ-Willem II · one hour geleden80′ A shot by Idrissi ends up on the fists of Wellenreuther.De County-PEC Zwolle · one hour geleden75′ GOAL PEC! 0-2

Also in the second goal of PEC see Jurjus there are not very good. The final item put his hand to the ball after a shot from Younes Namli, but he lacks the strength to take the ball to return. The duel seems to be decided in Doetinchem.AZ-Willem II · 2 hours geleden68′ Finally a doelpoging of AZ. A shot of Maher comes just Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

Heerenveen have been waiting for seven home matches in the regular Premier league victory, the longest series for Heerenveen at the highest level.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Balende Linssen is very fast to go home
The tie against FC Emmen (1-1) feels for captain Bryan Linssen of Vitesse as a heavy defeat. Defeated, he remains after the final whistle for a while on the grass. “I hate a great time here. I’m going to very quickly go home”, hums Linssen, at FOX Sports.The County-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours geleden49′ What a chance for Sol to 0-3. The Spaniard may be on his own, on the purpose of Bizot, but he is overtaken by Adam Maher who hit the ball out of his feet slips.Premier league · 2-hour geleden46′ The County of-PEC (0-1) and AZ-Willem (0-2) are back on the Heerenveen-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

Heerenveen starts with Lucas Woudenberg in place of Dave Bulthui to the thuisduel with Fortuna Sittard. Yuki Kobayashi is preferred over Morten Thorsby and Pelle van Amersfoort to start at the expense of Sam Lammers. When the opponent from the province of Limburg are no changes.

SC Heerenveen: Hahn; Floranus, Höegh, Pierie, Woudenberg; Rienstra, Kobayashi, Vlap; Of Mountains, Of Amersfoort, Zeneli.

Fortuna Sittard: Koselev; Essers, Ninaj, Dammers, Pinto; El Messaoudi, Rodríguez, Diemers; Semedo, Stokkers, Lamprou.De County-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago

Peace. PEC stands by a goal of Leemans on a 0-1-ahead at The County. The Doetinchemmers with ten man on the field by a red card for Newport.AZ-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Peace. Willem II is by two hits of Sol on a 0-2 lead in AZ.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Past! Vitesse succeeds under the watchful eye of the farewell took Guram Kashia is not in an edge against FC Emmen to hold: 1-1.AZ-Willem II · 2 hours geleden90+4′ What a chance for Vitesse! Linssen will get a free kopkans to the people from arnhem back the lead, but he blasts it right into the hands of Hone.AZ-Willem II · 2 hours geleden30′ GOAL for Willem II! 0-2

Donis Avdijaj and Sol go with z’n twos on the purpose of Marco Bizot. The Kosovar reserves the outline, lay off on Sol that in an empty goal shot. What a luxury for Willem II.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden88′ Vitesse misses penalty kick!

Linssen explains for his second goal of the day, but he shoots high over.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden87′ Penalty kick Vitesse!

Gershom Clock is late with the ball and commits, then a violation of Alexander Büttner. Vitesse may take a penalty.
Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden26′ William II. Oussama Idrissi lobt the ball over goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther to the ball but the lacks speed to reach the goal. Freek Heerkens returns the ball just before the line.AZ-Willem II · 3 hours ago

Earlier this season was AZ ever after 2.30 minutes behind. That was on 7 October against Ajax (5-0 defeat). Today was Fran Sol after 2.39-minute goal against AZ.De County-PEC Zwolle · 3 hours geleden18′ RED The County!

Lars Nieuwpoort slips filled with his studs on the leg of Kingsley Ehizibue. Referee Martin van den Kerkhof is in no doubt and sends the full-to the dressing rooms.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden76′ Vitesse insists. Vyacheslav Karavaev is turned by Hone. Shortly thereafter saves the keeper on a bet of invader Foor.De County-PEC Zwolle · 3 hours geleden14′ GOAL PEC! 0-1

The County goalkeeper Hidde Jurjus affect completely wrong when a free-kick from Clint Leemans. The ball goes over everyone and everything around and ends up in the far corner of the goal.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden72 ” Finally, once again what a danger the home side. A shot distance of Ödegaard is just about.AZ-Willem II · 3 hours ago

The goal of Fran Sol (2.39) is the fastest Premier league-goal for Willem II since Erik Falkenburg after 17 seconds and scored on 2 april 2016 (against FC Twente).AZ-Willem II · 3 hours geleden3′ GOAL for Willem II! 0-1

Fran Sol benefits of moderate defend the Alkmaarders and shoot from near the 0-1 in the goal.Eredivisie · 3 hours geledenTwee duels start: AZ-Willem II and De Graafschap PEC are on the way.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours ago

Caner Cavlan is directly involved in six of the last eight Premier-league-goals scored by FC Emmen (two goals and four assists).Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden51′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-1

There is everything wrong in the Vitesse defence. It starts at Danilho gave doekhi some firm kicks in his own penalty area the ball to tackle. The shot of Bannink should be an easy prey for Eduardo but the goalkeeper punches the ball well away. Caner Cavlan is first to the ball and tap into an empty goal at the end.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geledenKashia is under the impression of farewell that he receives from the Vitesse fans. The defender does not dry.

💛 | Beautiful goodbye by @MijnVitesse for ex-captain Guram Kashia.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen19:32 – 1 december 2018Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geleden46′ No substitutions by both teams. Vitesse-Emmen is resumed.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours geledenMet this giant banner to take the Vitesse fans farewell of Guram Kashia. No footballer played as many duels (244) for the club from Arnhem as he.

Guram Kashia🙌🏼🇬🇪💛🖤


AuteurwytzenMoment of plaatsen19:26 – 1 december 2018De County-PEC Zwolle · 3 hours ago

At The County-PEC start the home team with Frank Olijve for Jordi Tutuarima and Daryl van Mieghem for Fabian Serrarens. Trainer John van ‘t schip opts to PEC for Ouasim Bouy in place of Gustavo Hammer.

The County: Jurjus; Owusu, S. Nieuwpoort, Van de Pavert, L. Nieuwpoort; Baker, Olijve, El Jebli; Narsingh, Serrarens, Van Mieghem.

PEC Zwolle: Van der Hart; Ehizibue, Van den Berg, Lamb, Pole; Dekker, Bouy, Leemans; Namli, Of Dunes, Of Crooij.AZ-Willem II · 3 hours ago

Both AZ and Willem II begins the duel with the same basis as in the previous game. AZ played 2-2 flush against VVV-Venlo and Willem II lost with 1-3 of Vitesse.

AZ: Bizot; Svensson, Hatzidiakos, Koopmeiners, Ouwejan; Midtsjö, Maher, Lift; Idrissi, Seuntjens, Gudmunsson.

Willem II: Wellenreuther; Lewis, Meissner, Heerkens, Palacios; Anita, Llonch, Crowley; Dankerlui, Sol, Avdijaj.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 3 hours agoRest. Vitesse doesn’t play well, but it is by a hit, Linssen, however, on a 1-0-lead.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 4 hours ago

Linssen scores for the first time since april of 2018 in three consecutive Premier league matches. It is the fourth time that he has a series of at least three goals set down in the Premier league and the second time he, on behalf of Vitesse (also on behalf of FC Groningen and Heracles Almelo).Vitesse-FC Emmen · 4 hours geleden38 ” Now is the Vitesse that good away. Anco Jansen seems to be in a losing position, but he knows how to shoot. Goalkeeper Eduardo tap the ball then from the intersection.Vitesse-FC Emmen · 4 hours geleden38′ What a chance for Alexander Büttner. The ball falls to the feet of the full, but up close it explodes it is high.Back to top

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